Rock Sound Impericon Exposure Tour Live @ Glasgow King Tut’s Review

Bury Tomorrow on stage in Glasgow during the Rocksound Impericon Tour, Feb 2013

This years Rock Sound Impericon Exposure tour saw four of the best bands of recent years all on one bill. Landscapes, Stray From The Path, Bury Tomorrow and The Ghost Inside, all bands with a promising future ahead of them. This was sure to be a pretty special event.

Landscapes [8] had the tough job of opening the show. With their set beginning while fans were still making their way into the venue Landscapes were at a huge disadvantage. While their brand of emotional hardcore didn’t completely win over the Glasgow crowd, their set was still very impressive. The songs from their debut album Life Gone Wrong are fantastic on record, but live they seem to have an extra dimension. Landscapes will oner day be a force to be reckoned with.

Stray From the Path [9] had a much more instant effect on the crowd, with almost everyone in the capacity crowd moshing and two-stepping along. It won’t be long until SFTP are headlining these venues on their own. New single Landmines worked brilliantly as a set opener and the best bits of their back catalogue work even better live than on record, Rising Sun and Bring it Back to the Streets especially receive a massive reaction.

Bury Tomorrow [10] took the the stage to an ovation usually reserved for a headlining act. Their 25 minute set, filled with the best cuts from their latest effort the Union of Crowns incites an unreal amount of passion from the Glasgow faithful. Bury Tomorrow have long been touted as the future of British metal, and it’s clear to see why. Crushing heaviness meets soaring, epic hooks,if ever there was a formula for world beating metal songs, this is it.

If Bury Tomorrow got the reaction of a headline band, then it’s hard to explain the reaction given to The Ghost Inside [9]. TGI were already one of the States’ finest hardcore exports, but their most recent record, Get What You Give has saw them take another step up, thanks to anthems like Engine 45. With a live show like this it’s hard to see why they are still playing venues this small. Expect to see TGI levelling massive venues in a few years.

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