Sonisphere UK Festival Set For Potential Return in 2014 As Knebworth Park To Host “40 Year Celebration Of Rock Music”

Knebworth Park 40 Year Celebration 2014 Advert

Well, well, well. The UK festival wheel appears to be turning once again! Look at what turned up on the official Sonisphere Festival Twitter feed about an hour ago:

Sonisphere's Twitter feed alludes to a possible return of Sonisphere UK in 2014

Happily to say we don’t think the excellent Sonisphere Twitter Feed person has been let go as this was quickly followed a few minutes later by a second Tweet (and also turned up on the Sonisphere Facebook page):

Another tweet from the official Sonisphere account confirming an event in July 2014

Visitors to the official Sonisphere website are also now being greeted with a nice piece of artwork depicting Knebworth House with the announcement “Knebworth Park 4th – 6th July Celebrating 40 Years of Festivals at Knebworth”. Sonisphere UK has been cancelled for the last two years running, with a late line up announcement and poor ticket sales contributing to the demise of the 2012 edition and the 2013 event never got off the ground due to being “unable to secure headline acts of sufficient quality”.

It is not 100% that this event that will take place in the grounds of Knebworth House is indeed a return of Sonisphere as it was known and loved for three years by the UK rock and metal community, but this has certainly raised a lot of interest and already generated a lot of the inevitable Internet speculation. As soon as we learn more we will update everyone. Watch this space for further details!

UPDATE – The locations listed on the Sonisphere Twitter Account for 2014 now simply says “Knebworth”. That’s a fairly strong sign that Sonisphere is back in business, but as already stated, whether it takes on the same format as before is still to be revealed.

Knebworth Park 40 Year Celebration 2014 Advert


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