Chapters: An Interview With Joe Nally & Angus Neyra

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London metal band Chapters are for many people, one of the best bands they won’t have heard of. Rocksins has been helping to champion Chapters over the last few months, and back in October the band celebrated the release of their critically acclaimed début album The Imperial Skies. We sat down with Joe and Angus from Chapters to get their thoughts on the album’s release and much more.

Just in case anyone hasn’t heard of the band before, can you give us an introduction to Chapters as a band?

Chapters are a progressive metal band from London, UK. We draw influences from a range of different genres and bands; from Death to Gypsy Kings, Pink Floyd to Arsis, currently made up of members Angus Neyra (Guitar) and Joe Nally (Vocals/Bass).

Your album The Imperial Skies has been a long time getting released. Can you tell us about some of the issues you’ve faced?

At first we were waiting for the right label to release this album on, but it took us a while to realise the label route wasn’t always the best option, and that ended up taking a lot of time when we could’ve released it ourselves which is what we’ve ended up doing. We’ve had our fair share of line-up changes too, before, during and after the recording of the album, which also led to a massive delay on the album.

Now that the album is finally available for the whole world to hear, is it a thrill, a relief or both equally?

Joe: It’s a relief that it’s finally out but I was nervous, as I didn’t know if people would enjoy our take on music.
Angus: For me it’s both. I agree with what Nally says but also it’s a thrill to hear what people have to say about it, and a thrill to begin writing on new music for people to hear.

The feedback so far has been almost universally fantastic, after waiting so long to release the album that must make it seem all worthwhile…

Totally, and for us the feedback has been so much better than we would’ve expected it to be. So though the process has been long it’s been worth it.

You’re currently hunting for a new guitarist, what would make an ideal guitarist for Chapters?

I think mostly someone who we get along with really and who can play the songs tight enough haha. Also their writing style has a big part to play in it too.

It’s clear from the album you have a very diverse set of influences, would you say there’s any one artist that you’ve been influenced by over all the rest?

It sounds cliché but early Metallica is probably one of our biggest influences. Just listen to And Justice For All haha

If you could pick any two bands for Chapters to tour with, who would it be?

Joe: I’d say a Metallica, Behemoth and Chapters tour wouldn’t be bad.
Angus: Well if we’re talking anyone then I’d say a Metallica tour would be enough as they started it all for me. Otherwise I’d enjoy touring with The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Faceless.

Finishing up with one last question, where would you like the band to be in 12 months time?

Fresh off a tour and straight into the studio for album no. 2. We’ve already began writing so album no. 2 should be around sooner than expected to make up for lost time. Hopefully by then we’ve also gained a lot more listeners who enjoy our music too.

Chapters’ debut album The Imperial Skies is out now. If you’d like to read Rocksins review of The Imperial Skies you can do so right here. If you’d like to purchase the album you can buy the CD directly from the band at their Big Cartel Store or download the album from iTunes or Amazon. T-Shirt Banner


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