Feed the Rhino & TRC live at the Borderline

Feed The Rhino Band Photo

At the tail-end of last-year a number of team Rocksins were lucky enough to catch the SGR Christmas party headlined by everyone’s favourite bruisers Feed the Rhino. First The Hell (8) put in a magnificently silly performance, their sumptuously thick, downtuned riffage backing up some of the most hilariously offensive lyrics since Steel Panther’s 2009 release, ‘Feel the Steel.’

Next up Palm Reader (7) unleash a more ferocious set than their predecessors. They may exhibit decisively Dillinger flourishes but at its basic level Palm Reader power forwards courtesy of a coarse, thuggish black flag-esque hardcore fury.

TRC (9) are phenomenal tonight. Live, the six-some are able to fully utilise grooves that would not feel out of place served up as a centre-piece of your Sunday lunch. Meaty, and utterly compelling. Farther enjoyment is added by the very able talents of their co-frontmen. While it could be considered a gimmick it rapidly becomes clear that this arrangement works well, the multi-layered vocal arrangements adding an intriguing intensity. Whether you like it or not TRC are here to stay. A towering performance from one of UK hardcore’s brightest stars.

Top of the bill, Feed the Rhino (10) get a headliners welcome as the floor of the Borderline explodes into full-on carnage. There is an anxious chemistry around ‘Feed the Rhino’ live like very few bands of their ilk can capture.  Songs such as ‘Tides’ and ‘Burning Sons’ see bodies flying and the entire room bellowing back the lyrics. Newer material like ‘Behind the Pride’ and an as yet untitled new song promises a base of melody to the uncompromising scream of rage. All that is left is to conclude like every hyperbolic review is meant to conclude with the inevitably hollow statement “this band will be headlining festivals come next year.”


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