Takedown Festival 2014 Provides Clash Finder To Help Attendees, Chimaira Pull Out Of Festival

Takedown Festival 2014 First Line Up Poster

To aid their festival goers experience, the nice people at Takedown Festival 2014 have put together a helpful “clash finder” chart, so that anyone attending can see which bands will be playing at the same time. We realise the version below is a bit small, so if you click on it, it’ll take you to the full sized version. Check out the Takedown 2014 clash finder right here:

UPDATE 5th of March 2014:

This is the new version of the clash finder that has Rise To Remain on instead of Chimaira, and also corrects a couple of other small issues from the first version:

Takedown Festival 2014 Clashfinder Version 2


One other piece of Takedown Festival 2014 news, unfortunately NWOAHM favourites Chimaira have had to cancel their appearance at Takedown, as well as the rest of their March 2014 UK tour. Their singer Mark Hunter has been diagnosed with pneumonia and is not currently healthy enough to tour. Everyone at Rock Sins sends Mark best wishes for a speedy recovery and a Chimaira UK return later this year. Anyone who is still in need of a ticket to Takedown Festival can grab one from the official site at https://takedown.vticket.co.uk/. Rock Sins will be live on the ground at Takedown 2014 so stay tuned for any further news as well as a full review of the event after it has happened!

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