Exclusive: Girl On Fire Premier New Video ‘Reminds Me Of You’ On Rock Sins

Girl On Fire - Reminds Me Of You

Today we have a Rock Sins exclusive for you. Seattle rockers Girl On Fire have given us the first look at their awesome new lyric video for the devishly catchy ‘Reminds Me Of You’.

Following the current trend for upscale lyrics videos, ‘Reminds Me Of You’ is a proper ear worm of a song – deceptively simple grunge inflected rock that you know you’re going to be humming for days and weeks to come. Despite featuring Aiden bassist Nick Wiggins and being produced by  Jay Baumgarder, Girl on Fire offer straight-up rock and roll, guyliner not included. Check out the video and we defy you not to have the chorus running through your head by the end!

Guitarist Nick McMahan had this to say about the video:

“The lyric video for ‘Reminds Me Of You’ is a gritty introduction to the grunge portrait of Girl On Fire that will keep your eyes cemented to the screen and your body rocking to the rhythm long after the credits roll!”

Formed in the summer of 2007, Girl On Fire has worked tirelessly to build a name for themselves. Girl On Fire‘s music is intense and uniquely melodic, spanning a range of rock genres. The band released their debut album Not Broken to critical acclaim last September, and is available digitally via iTunes and Amazon.

Girl On Fire - Reminds Me Of You Artwork


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