An Interview With Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow at Hit The Deck 2014


Neck Deep have just played their second set at Hit The Deck Festival and the first of two today in Nottingham. We caught up with lead singer Ben Barlow for a chat about his Hit The Deck experience.

This is Will Stevenson for Rock Sins and I’m here with Ben Barlow of Neck Deep! Hi Ben!

Hey, man!

So, how was your acoustic set just now?

Yeah good man! Really good. Lots of singing along, lot of people turned up. I think a few people got turned away?

Yeah, the queue outside was huge!

Yeah, I would have gone outside but I would have had to push through…

Screaming fan girls?

*Laughs* Yeah!

You’re in quite a big room later [for their full band set], so that’s good.

I think so, I think if it’s the room we played in before in the rescue rooms, it’ll be sick.

Yeah. How has Hit The Deck been for you so far? Who’s been your favourite bands?

Well, we did yesterday and it’s been a lot of fun. It’s really cool.eople around Bristol and Nottingham and all that sort of stuff get to see bands like Brand New, Seahaven I caught yesterday, probably catch them again today. But yeah, as a whole Hit The Deck is an awesome festival, its a day where kids can come out and y’know, it’s not all in one place, you can stroll around, it’s kinda cool man! I’ve never been to Hit The Deck before but to be able to play it. I didn’t catch Brand New yesterday so I’m defiantly gonna catch them today.

Finally, what is the meaning behind Rain In July?

The name Rain In July? It’s just cause it always rains in July! And like, my birthday’s in July, and I don’t think it’s ever been sunny on my birthday. It’s always, always rained. It’s just kind of a thing about British weather and all that.

So it’s not some kind of grand metaphor about your emotional states?

*laughs* Erm, well. In a way! Like, I’m sick of rain I’m July, I’m just sick of feeling like shit in the summer, like I had a really shitty summer in the time I was writing Rain In July. So it’s kind of like, yes it rains a lot in July, and yes I felt like shit in July.

That about wraps it up! Cheers for speaking to us Ben.

Yeah man, no worries.

Neck Deep are currently on tour with Climates. in Europe.  Their debut album, Wishful Thinking, is out now.



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