Marmozets live at The 100 Club – London

Over the past few years Marmozets have really started to make a name for themselves in the British alternative scene thanks to their unique sound and explosive live shows. And after signing to Road Runner records late last year it’s pretty clear that Marmozets hard work has started to pay off. Tonight they wrapped up a short headline tour to promote their upcoming debut album with a packed out show at London’s 100 Club.

Openers Bovine (6.5) struggle slightly tonight as the small crowd just don’t seem too interested in what the band have to offer. Which is a shame as Bovine’s songs are packed with huge riffs and Marcus Wulfgang’s vocals are incredibly impressive. They do eventually win some of the crowd over but perhaps tonight just isn’t the right crowd for them.

The Colour Line (7) fare better, with the room now filling up their furious technical hardcore commands attention from the crowd as the band fly around the stage. Near enough every song features at least one member making their way into the crowd. By the end of their set they even manage to get the crowd singing along for their closing song. The Colour Line are certainly a band to keep an eye on now.

Marmozets (8) made a risky choice with their set list tonight by choosing to only play songs off of their upcoming debut album. Initially this seems like it might not have been the best decision as their opening song receives a slightly awkward reaction. However, they then launch into recent single “Why Do You Hate Me?” and the energy levels from the crowd immediately pick up. One thing that is noticeable about Marmozets new songs is there has been a clear shift to a more melodic sound and this will no doubt lead to some claims that the band have “sold out”. This is certainly not the case though as their music is still as technical as ever and the hardcore influences are still present in their sound, they’ve just decided to include big choruses as well now and tonight “Move Shake Hide” demonstrates this perfectly. And when Becca Macintyre’s vocals sound as good as they do tonight it would be silly for Marmozets to not use them to their full effect. Closing song “Vibe Tech” shows that Marmozets can still be heavy when they want to, with bassist Will Bottomley requesting a circle pit before Josh Macintyre moves his drum kit into the crowd. The rest of the band soon join him in the crowd making for a chaotic end to their set. Whilst it would have been nice to hear a few older songs, Marmozets made a very good case as to why we should be excited for their album when it releases later this year.

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