Your Demise – The Final Show – Live at The Underworld


Love them or hate them Your Demise have been one of the most important UK Hardcore bands of the past decade. After years of doing things their way no matter what others said Your Demise announced their split last year and tonight played their final show The Underworld in Camden.

First up came Manchester Hardcore crew Broken Teeth (7) who immediately got the mosh pit ninjas throwing several shapes. Despite there not being much depth to Broken Teeth’s music they make up with it through sheer aggression,  with fans moshing and rushing forward to grab the mic at every opportunity. Despite a short set Broken Teeth got tonight off to a good start.

Next up came London’s own TRC (8.5) whose blend of Hardcore and Rap got the entire room bouncing along We Bring War and #TeamUK from their latest album Nation being highlights of a consistently brilliant set. Co-frontmen Chris Robson and Anthony Carroll work the crowd brilliantly, constantly demanding more energy and aggression from those in the pit. Despite having not played together for a few months TRC still put on a tight performance and prove why the are one of the most exciting UK Hardcore bands around right now.

Landscapes (8) provide a completely different experience to TRC and Broken Teeth but are still absolutely brilliant. Their debut album Life Gone Wrong was amazing and those songs sound even better live thanks to the intensity of Landscapes performance. They might not get the crowd going as much as the bands before them did but they create a unique atmosphere and vocalist Shaun Milton puts everything he can into his performance and joins the fans in the crowd for set closer Paradox.

Finally main support tonight came from Brutality Will Prevail (8.5) who really do live up to their name tonight. Fan favourite The Path kicks things off in suitably chaotic fashion and this chaos does not stop for their entire set. With a new album out very soon Brutality Will Prevail fit in a few new songs along side their older material with many fans already knowing every word to their latest single Abandon. Brutality Will Prevail deliver from start to finish and leave the crowd ready for Your Demise perfectly.

Finally it was time for Your Demise (9.5) to take to the stage, using Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing as their entrance music which got every fan singing along already before balloons were thrown into the crowd showing that instead of being a sad farewell, tonight was going to be a celebration of everything Your Demise have achieved. From the moment they played the first note of MMX fans were already getting on stage and diving into the crowd and this did not stop all night. What then followed was very much a greatest hits set drawing heavily from The Kids We Used To Be and The Golden Age. Even songs such as These Lights, which heavily divided fans when it was first released has everyone singing and jumping along tonight. Your Demise might have never been the tightest and most polished live band around but tonight their performance is exceptional and Ed McRae shows why he’s such a good frontman as he constantly get’s more from the crowd demanding even more stage dives for every song. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and as Ed and Oz deliver two very emotional speeches it’s clear how important being in this band has been to them before they play The Kids We Used To Be for the final time, which climaxes in The Underworld’s tiny stage being filled with fans as everyone sung the final chorus. They might have divided opinions throughout their career but tonight was a fitting send off for Your Demise and it is clear that they will be greatly missed. RIP YD.


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