Architects – Lost Forever // Lost Together

    Architects - Lost Forever Lost Together Album Cover

    Architects are back with their sixth and most exceptional album to date, Lost Forever // Lost Together, which will undoubtedly propel the Brighton quintet to a new career high.

    Starting off proceedings with Gravedigger and it’s sly ambient introduction you get an utter brute of a song. Delivering the riff of the album into the breakdowns, modern, technical and addictive this throws you face first into the album. If you can listen to this song without going through the rest of the album, then your willpower is commendable!

    First single Naysayer keeps the energy high but has a heavier sentiment to it, throwing in an unorthodox dark but catchy chorus. Throughout, this album delivers heavy technical compositions which are kept fresh and interesting with vocal and electronic interventions as well as the high quality of the sound production and performances from all parties.

    Other call out tracks on the album include the ambient Red Giant providing a calm and captivating half way point before smashing straight into the crushingly heavy C.A.N.C.E.R which like a number of songs on the album shows the band’s vocal and technical flexibility, moving between heavy and calm as well as screamed and clean vocals with ease.

    Architects have always had a strong hardcore following but the promotion of this album has followed the proven Bring Me The Horizon style ‘how to make it big in metal’ formula, building a massive buzz before it’s release which is probably not a coincidence with it being the first album from Architects since signing to Epitaph. With the release of Naysayer from January, doing the unconventional of streaming the whole album in advance of the release as well as live streaming their home-town show on Youtube to mark the launch of the album built noise and anticipation which has paid off. The album hit a lofty peak of 16 in the UK album charts as well as making a significant dent in the US charts which is a great achievement

    This album has set a new high for British Metalcore and metal altogether which shows if you create a great album people will buy it and not just illegally download it, this will be a great spring-board for Architects to go on from. Great things can be expected for Architects in the rest of 2014; massive receptions for them across the festival season this summer are almost guaranteed, especially at Reading and Leeds.

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