An Interview with Patent Pending’s Joe Ragosta At Hit The Deck Festival 2014

Patent Pending on stage at Union Chapel 2013

Patent Pending played this years Hit The Deck festival a couple of weeks ago and Rock Sins writer Will Stevenson had the privilege of chatting to frontman Joe Ragosta about his experience.

Hi Joe! 

Hi man!

How are you enjoying Hit The Deck so far?

Having a great time man! Yesterday was insane! We played on an old wooden ship!

I saw that! I want a ship here, I’m really jealous.

The ship was awesome.

Was it good? Did you sink the ship?

A lot of people turned up, we weren’t expecting it to be that good but we sunk the ship! We threw our pirate hooks up man, it was fun.

How’s tonight gonna be?

I don’t even know what’s gonna happen tonight! Anything could happen tonight, we’re playing at the Forum! Anything could happen! The good news is, the suns up. That’s awesome. Well done England.

Yeah, it wasn’t earlier, it was pissing it down but now you’ve come and cheered it up.

We did it. We fucking did it!

Well done Patent Pending. *laughs* So, who’s your favourite band you’ve seen? Obviously People On Vacation are a big shout for you guys.

Oh yeah, absolutely. I think that goes without saying, we’re on tour with them this month and they’re amazing. Beyond that I’m really excited for The Summer Set, I love Brand New, I love, love Saves The Day, they’re one of my favourite bands of all time, so that’s really cool.

Fantastic. So, what are you working on at the moment?

Well, we just put out our new album Brighter, and people can get it. We’re working on a music video and fake documentary for the song Hey Mario. It’s gonna be very funny, it’s very good, coming out in about a month.

A fake documentary? That’s exciting.

Yeah man!

That wraps it up, so good luck for tonight man, thank you!

Yeah thank you very much! Good luck on your interviews!

Thanks man!

Patent Pending released their Rock Sins rated 9/10 album Brighter last year (anyone who is interested can check out our review of Brighter right here).


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