An interview with The Blackout’s Sean Smith At Hit The Deck 2014

The Blackout

The Blackout continued their ferocious live reputation at Hit The Deck festival a few weeks ago, and Rock Sins very own Will Stevenson had the pleasure of catching up with co vocalist Sean Smith. They talked about Hit The Deck and The Blackouts plans for the rest of the year, including touching on their upcoming album.

How ware you enjoying Hit The Deck so far?

Uh, rubbish!

*laughs* Is it rubbish?

Yesterday was good, today’s been really rubbish.

It’s the weather isn’t it?

Yeah and I haven’t seen any bands and I’m in Nottingham! It’s a bad day for me.

You’ve not seen anyone yet, have you just got here?

Yeah, we got here about 20 minutes ago. We seem to be on stage same time as every band I wanna see, so.

Yeah, I’m coming to see you though, so you’ll have at least one fan.

Ah, thank you! That genuinely genuinely means the world to me! I wouldn’t come see us, so.

Who did you see yesterday that you enjoyed, who was your favourite band?

Saves the Day were awesome. Brand New were awesome. I haven’t caught many other bands really, heard Verses were awesome but missed that. Xcerts I wish I could have seen. Brutality Will Prevail I would have liked to see, Kids In Glass Houses.

What are the Blackout’s plans for the rest of the year?

We’re writing a new album, we’ve done 18 songs so far.

Wow, are they all gonna be on the album?

No, we’re narrow it down to the best.

Right, the best two.

*laughs*, Yeah the best two and then we’ll just put eight filler on it. But yeah, just writing a new record and playing festivals.

So no plans for another UK tour too soon then?

Aaah, dunno. Not at the moment. We’ll see, if we can support someone, then yeah. We’ll go with anyone!


I would love to go out with Trivium! We’d get killed.

I’d come! Again, you’d have one fan.

Yeah, and then you’d get beaten up! You’d have to like nod secretly. ‘Im enjoying you, but I can’t tell anyone, or they will kill me.’

*laughs* Anyway, that’s about all we’ve got! Thank you for your time and good luck tonight!

Thank you, we’re gonna need it.

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