ArnoCorps 2014 UK Tour Kicks Off This Week, Album Reissued


ArnoCorps, the Action Adventure Hardcore Rock and Rollers who’s lyrics are inspired by the films of a certain very famous Hollywood action star are set to head out on a UK and Ireland tour this month. The Fantastic Tour is in support of The Fantastic EPWheel of Pain Push-Ups app, the 7” release of Two More and the re-release of The Greatest Band Of All Time.

As mentioned above, ArnoCorps have announced the re-release of album The Greatest Band Of All Time. After 5 years of being out of print, the album is back, along with a gatefold vinyl in Limited Alpine White or standard Barbell Black vinyl.

It should come as no surprise that the pioneers of Action-Adventure Hardcore Rock and Roll claim to be “The Greatest Band of All Time”. The band combine militaristic appearance with a musical style rooted in heavy metal. Attendees and fans are referred to by the band as “Goddamn Heroes and Sheroes.”

ArnoCorps comment:

“It’s fantastic to know this historic recording will live on forever in analog permanence for future generations, long after we’re gone. It’s amazing the life that record has taken on. All 15 songs were recorded in just 2 days! Heroic.”

[youtube id=”7LZqrdovbhc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The ArnoCorps UK tour dates are as follows:

Thursday July 24, 2014
Sound Control, Manchester, England
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Friday July 25, 2014
Fibber Magees, Dublin, Ireland
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Saturday July 26, 2014
The Speakeasy, QUBSU, Belfast, Northern Ireland
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Sunday July 27, 2014
The Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland
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Tuesday July 29, 2014
The Asylum, Birmingham, England
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Thursday July 31, 2014
The Racehorse, Northampton, England
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Friday August 1, 2014
Exchange, Bristol, England
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Saturday August 2, 2014
The Underworld, London, England
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