Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2014 Announce Final Wave Of Bands

Bloodstock Open Air 2014 Festival Header Image

With Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2014 just two weeks away, Bloodstock HQ have announce the final wave of new bands, all picked from their ‘Metal 2 The Masses’ competition, as well as a few last additions to the Sophie and Jagermeister stages.

BALLS DEEP bring groove metal to the Sophie Lancaster stage on the opening day, Thursday. The Brit outfit have been busy honing their ‘Pro-Pain cut with Black Sabbath’ sound, coming on like the bastard sons of Pantera and classic heavy metal.

Over on the Jagermeister stage, female-fronted power metallers ACELDAMA will be impressing allcomers with their high octane performance and audience interaction, while New Blood stage stoner rocker’s RESIN will be offering an additional acoustic spin on their new material.

Meanwhile, the New Blood stage welcomes the last clutch of winners from the last batch of M2TM roadshow finals.  GOAT LEAF bring their doom groove from the Sheffield heats, OAKHAART’s tech death noise hails from Gloucestershire, impressing judges at the Bristol event, SINPATHETIC grace us with their death metal from the Preston night, ERADIKATOR’s thrash metal won out in Birmingham, and lastly but not least, CACODAEMONIC’s unholy, neo-classical infused death metal represents Nottingham.

Tickets are available now priced £130 (plus booking fee) for a 4-day Thurs-Sun weekend pass with camping, or day tickets are on sale for £60 (plus booking fee).  VIP tickets and upgrades are also available.  Look up all the ticket options over at


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