Enter Shikari – Live at the Hertfordshire Forum

Enter Shikari Band Photo

Having been busy working on their fourth album for the last few months, Hertfordshire electro rock quartet Enter Shikari decided upon home turf for their first major UK gig of 2014. Rock Sins sent James along to witness the Shikari live comeback in the flesh…

First up, Roam (6) are competent enough in their delivery but lack the bullseye precision of delivery in both music and performance that would allow them to stand out from their peers. This is never more clear than when performing at the Hertfordshire forum; a venue that rocksins saw Gnarwolves utterly demolish about a month ago. It remains to be seen whether Roam can break out but they’re certainly going to need a lot more work before this can happen.

Baby Godzilla’s (9) set on the other hand devolves very quickly into live-action “where’s wally” with band members flying off balconies, sprinting through the mosh pit and clambering onto the Forum’s Bars anything slightly elevated. It’s an incredible stage show ‘Baby Godzilla’ have developed and although they don’t have the back catalogue to support it just yet it somehow doesn’t seem to matter when set against the plateau of complete chaos that ensues throughout their set culminating in surely one of the biggest walls of death the forum has ever witnessed.

Heavily anticipated headliners for the night, Enter Shikari (8) show barely any rust; this despite being away from the stage for seven months. Their absence from the live circuit has clearly not dented the professionalism and sheer inventiveness of their live shows. Although some might question the wisdom of dropping two of their better known songs from the set list it is still jammed full of ‘the hits’ with just enough strategically placed lulls to allow the VERY sweaty crowd to regain their breath before plunging the floor into complete bedlam once again.

It sometimes feels like Enter Shikari have been stuck playing this level of venues for years but having headlined Vans Warped Tour at Alexandria Palace and the Second Stage of Download festival within the past year it’s clear that we’ll be seeing them in some much bigger venues over the coming year. With a rabid and energetic fanbase coupled with a really good live production its clear that the only way for Enter Shikari in the next year is up.

Enter Shikari will be appearing on the main stage at both Reading and Leeds Festivals 2014 over the August Bank Holiday weekend. You can also follow the band on Twitter at @entershikari.


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