Fifth Slipknot New Album Teaser Video Posted, Corey Taylor Hints At Further News

Slipknot on stage at Download 2013 during their headline performance

Late last night, they did it again. Another video teaser from Iowan metal giants Slipknot surfaced across the band’s various social media platforms and on the official Slipknot website.

As with the fourth teaser (which we documented here), the band have opted on their official site to show brief flashes which alter depending how long the user remains on the Slipknot website. This time around though there is once again more distinctive snippets of guitar riffs to be heard. Visitors to the official Slipknot tumblr ( will be able to see more video imagery in keeping with the previous four clips, with the fifth teaser being given the title Succumb To/The Selfish/Creation.

Going out on a limb, it looks to us here at Rock Sins like the titles of all the various teasers could be lyrics and the teasers themselves may well be part of a music video, but Slipknot are well known both for their extensive use of powerful imagery and for being able to throw a curveball or four, so we’ll all just have to wait and see.

The wait may be over soon however, as Slipknot’s frontman Corey Taylor took to Twitter last night with the simple remark:

Corey Taylor Hints At More Slipknot New Album News On Twitter

Now, he might just have been getting that Friday feeling a bit early, but considering the circumstances that’s a rather cryptic tweet to post. Again though, we may be barking entirely up the wrong tree, but for everyone’s sakes including our own we hope that tomorrow (Friday) leads to a big Slipknot reveal. Whatever the news and whenever it is revealed, Rock Sins will report on it right here and on our own social media accounts so keep your eyes peeled, especially tomorrow!

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