Slipknot Fifth Teaser Video For New Album Now Available In Full

Slipknot on stage at Download 2013 during their headline performance

Earlier today we reported on the (at the time) latest instalment of the Slipknot teaser video saga chronicling the build up to their forthcoming album. It seems the pace of things has accelerated as the fifth teaser video from Slipknot on the official Slipknot website is no longer a series of flashes and sound snippets but a full blown, roughly ten second video snippet accompanied by the most complete sounding musical snippet thus far. For all the maggots out there we suggest you head over to to check out the latest clip.

This would tie in quite nicely with Corey Taylor’s cryptic tweet of yesterday evening (that we mentioned in our first post earlier) referencing that something may well go down on Friday (tomorrow). Slipknot are definitely gearing up for an announcement and reveal of some kind, whatever it may be. It’s safe to say judging by the amount of discussion and speculation this teaser campaign has caused on social media thus far, the collective eyes of the metal world are on Iowa’s most famous metal export as everyone awaits their next move. Aside from any news of the album or new music in general, there’s also the small matter of a replacement for Slipknot founding member Joey Jordison behind the drum kit which may or may not be revealed as part of this album build up.

We recommend all the Slipknot fans and interested parties keep their eyes on Slipknot’s website and assorted social media accounts tomorrow for the latest developments. We’ll let everyone know as soon as we know anymore.

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