Slipknot Launch Latest New Album Teaser Clip As Build Up Continues Further

Slipknot on stage at Download 2013 during their headline performance
Slipknot: Brutal & absorbing as always

It’s been just over two weeks now since the first snippets of imagery and sound from the forthcoming new Slipknot album started surfacing on the official Slipknot website and various social media platforms (anyone who missed the last reveal can read about it here). They’ve now taken it yet another step further with the introduction of the fourth new piece of video, which can be viewed in different ways in different places.

Visitors to the official Slipknot website will initially see a blank screen, and the longer the page is left open, the more flashes of video and sound the visitor will see and hear. However on the Slipknot Twitter account, it seems the whole video is available for viewing, but with no sound. Lastly, the official Slipknot tumblr page ( has added a new listing for the latest clip, with the title Egregious/Replete With/These Lesions.

What does it all mean? Are the titles of these clips song titles? No one yet knows, but lots and lots of people are enjoying speculating about it, which is of course exactly what Slipknot want to achieve by getting people talking about their new album. On that front, they are succeeding massively. Let’s just hope they don’t leave it too long before airing a bit of music longer than two seconds! All we can do in the meantime is advise Slipknot fans to visit the tumblr, Twitter account (@slipknot) and official website for the latest clues. It’s probably worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page too.

In other Slipknot news, some more bands have been added to the Japanese edition of KnotFest, taking place on the 15th and 16th of November in Chiba-city. The new acts include Papa Roach, Japan’s own Coldrain and the UK’s Bring Me The Horizon.

More news on the new Slipknot album will obviously develop and we’ll bring it to our readers as soon as the next clue (or eventual song reveal) occurs.



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