Slipknot Unveil Two More Teaser Snippets As New Album Build Up Continues

Slipknot on stage at Download 2013 during their headline performance
Slipknot: Brutal & absorbing as always

Last week Iowa’s metal juggernauts Slipknot gave the first hints of their new album being imminent with two very creepy short teaser videos. The build up has continued into this week with two more teasers greeting any visitors to the official Slipknot website.

As we were a bit late in reporting the third teaser, we’ve managed to grab it from youtube courtesy of a kind and useful person who’s captured it, so the third teaser for Slipknot’s new album can be witnessed below:

The fourth teaser is an extended version of the third teaser (meaning there has been three actual videos in total and four teasers thus far), which features the most actual clues to what a new Slipknot song may sound like can be viewed by going to the official Slipknot website The teaser has been dubbed “The Cystic/Symbolic/Condition:” on various official Slipknot social media accounts. Anyone planning on going to look at this at work, we’d advise you don’t unless you have your own private office as the first thing that will hit your screen is a pair of rather naked boobs.

Speculation as to the meaning of some of the imagery being used in the teasers is being widely debated across social media as we speak but it’s very in keeping with the image and aura Slipknot cultivate around themselves, particularly from the earlier days of the band. More teasers and news will no doubt continue to emerge from the Slipknot camp in due course, and as soon as anything more is revealed we will bring it to our readers. In the mean time, keep your eyes on the Slipknot social media such as their Twitter account @slipknot. T-Shirt Banner


  1. So Stoked for the new album, going to be weird not having Paul & Joey in the mix so very excited to hear it! you can just about hear some song forming in the videos and sounds good so far!

  2. People keep hating and I’m not going to lie–I hate that I don’t own the album. I want music, dammit! 😀 Nah, these teasers send chills up my spine. I’m REALLY excited for the new drummer, but also the new bassist. I heard Donnie Steele was done filling in, so it’ll be interesting to see who’s up. Considering the goat carcasses, there’s evidently going to be a shift in EVERYTHING, versus “Iowa”. Very excited to see how they top “People=Shit”.

      • Agreed. “People=Shit” is the first “song” on “Iowa” (besides the intro), which I think was almost better than “(sic)”. “I am Hated”, “Spit it Out”, “Eyeless”, ect… I kind of wish he’d go back to doing the rap thing in the lyrics, Mr. Taylor. The issue I had with Vol. 03 (not that there was anything wrong with it) was that the scream was remarkably toned-down and not that deep, grungy, harsh stuff that came back on AHIG.


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