Wilson – Full Blast Fuckery

    Wilson Full Blast Fuckery Album Cover

    Wilson have come flying out of Michigan with their new album, “Full Blast Fuckery”. Their party oriented, southern rock influenced brand of hardcore is a sure fire mosher for those who love their music loud, heavy and fast but they may not have quite the impact that they’d hoped for.

    The album is full speed from the get go with opener “My Life My Grave”, with southern grooves a plenty delivering catchy hooks in the vein of Every Time I Die. The tone is more or less set from here on in, with tracks rarely deviating from the core formula. “Passing on the Left” shows a nice melodic chorus with gang chanting nicely complementing the rest of the music and is one of the highlights of this record.

    The band clearly seems to be having a blast on this record, the song subjects (judging by titles such as “College Gangbang”, “I Can Beat Your Dad” and the particularly eloquent “Viking Pussies Fuck Off”) aren’t particularly serious and in “Snake Eyes” Chad Nicefield particularly relishes the moment, screeching for a guitar solo midway through the song. All the musicians are on full throttle here and the solos are fantastically executed, bringing a lot of rock ‘n’ roll value to the music. Production wise, this album is faultless. All parts of the band are fully audible, the sound is crisp and the post-production trickery is kept to a minimum.

    The main issue with this record is that the determination to stick to a tried and trusted formula leads to the songs blending into each other and becoming somewhat monotonous, while nothing sticks out as particularly memorable. This can make the album a chore to listen to with the listener getting bored with the same barrage of sound coming again and again, but for those who persevere it can be a thoroughly enjoyable listen, if somewhat lacking replay value. Wilson may be masters of fuckery but they’re yet to reach full blast.

    Wilson’s new album “Full Blast Fuckery” is out now via New Damage Records. You can also follow Wilson on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wilsonparties.

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