Help Slipknot Get To UK Album Chart Number One Spot! Plus KnotFest To Stream Live This Weekend

Slipknot Band Promo Photo 2014 New Masks

Those with even a passing interest in the new Slipknot album, :5 The Gray Chapter will have thought it likely to be a big seller, even in this era of not as many people buying music. And so it has proven, with The Gray Chapter locked in a two-way battle with Ben Howard’s new album I Forget Where We Were for the coveted Number One spot on the UK Album Charts.

According to the mid-week report from the official charts company (which you can read here) Mr Howard has a slight advantage over Slipknot, so in the interests of metal in the UK as many people as possible need to go and pick up a copy of The Gray Chapter to hopefully send the masked men from Iowa back to the top of the UK album charts, over a dozen years since Iowa was first up there. For Rock Sins own review of The Gray Chapter, where our reviews editor Lisa Fox gave it the magic ten out of ten, please click here.

That’s not the only Slipknot news we have on this Friday morning. Word has reached our ears that the band’s very own festival, KnotFest 2014, which is taking place this weekend in California, is going to be streamed online.

What will you be able to watch from KnotFest you ask? Both of Slipknot’s sets on Saturday and Sunday IN FULL. In addition, there will be full sets from Killswitch Engage, King 810 and The Devil Wears Prada, four songs from the mighty Five Finger Death Punch and two songs from everyone else apart from Danzig and Maximum The Hormone. What’s more, you’ll be able to WATCH IT RIGHT HERE IN THIS VERY NEWS STORY here on Rock Sins. We’ve included the video embed below so come back tomorrow or Sunday at the appropriate time to enjoy some fantastic metal live from America’s West Coast.

Full details of Knotfest are available at the official festival website

A link to purchase The Gray Chapter from iTunes is available here – A link to buy the CD edition from Amazon is also here – Let’s get Slipknot to number one once again!

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