Martyr Defiled: Live Review & Photo Gallery From The Racehorse, Northampton

2014 has proven to be a huge year for Martyr Defiled, with playing Download Festival in the summer, to heading down under next month with Boris The Blade. They’ll also be ending the year with a run of UK dates with Upon A Burning Body. In short, they’ve been doing it all. However this month the guys have been visiting smaller towns and cities all across the country, visiting those they have never been to before.

Tonight Martyr Defiled have stormed into Northampton, being joined by Oracle, Solemn Promise and Acrania. Each and every support tonight leap onto stage, capturing all attention of the small but incredible lively crowd with their various styles of Hardcore and Deathcore.

The bands leave the crowd more than warmed up for Martyr Defiled, it’s clear Martyr Defiled have had a stressful day but even when playing one man down nothing is going to stop them. The band play a short but packed set, getting everyone watching involved aswell as leaving it very clear why Martyr Defiled are considered one of rising stars of the UK Deathcore scene right now.

Check out our exclusive gallery of Martyr Defiled and the other band’s involved in the action from Northampton’s Racehorse below:

You can also follow Martyr Defiled on Twitter at @MartyrDefiled.

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