Sylosis Return With Details Of Fourth Album Dormant Heart To Be Released In January 2015

Sylosis 2014 Line Up With New Drummer Ali Richardson

With the recent announcement that Bleed From Within’s Ali Richardson had replaced long time tub thumper Rob Callard behind the drum kit for Sylosis, we now have the first news of new Sylosis music!

Sylosis’ eagerly awaited fourth album is to be titled Dormant Heart, and will be landing in CD and Mp3 collections on the 12th of January 2015 through the band’s long time record label Nuclear Blast Records. Having started tracking the album around the same time as their Spring tour with Devildriver and Bleed From Within the band are now looking forward to sharing their hard work with the fans. The album was produced by Sylosis frontman Josh Middleton with the help of expert engineer Scott Atkins and was mastered by Acle Kahney, best known as guitarist in UK prog metal favourites TesseracT.

Of their new album Dormant Heart and the themes contained within, Josh Middleton had this to say:

“It’s the most pissed-off, aggressive and intense album we’ve done, yet it still retains the epic, progressive and melodic side we’re also known for. It’s a very gloomy and atmospheric album. We’ve been through a lot as a band and individuals and we’ve made our darkest album to date. The title refers to people going through life on autopilot and being one of the herd. How a lot of people simply accept the way things are just because it’s ‘tradition’ as opposed to taking a good look at the world around you and thinking for yourself. Sometimes there are catalysts that happen and change our perspective or consciousness…”

Josh was also full of praise for Scott Atkins and was very happy that Sylosis had once again been able to work with him:

“It was great doing some of the recording with Scott again. We’ve got a good working relationship and he’s really dedicated to what he does. We like to strive for a very earthy and organic sound. It adds to the human element and brings out the intensity and vibe in the music.”

Further updates from the Sylosis camp including gradual release of new songs from Dormant Heart will no doubt be forthcoming in the next few weeks so stay tuned to Rock Sins for anything further. You can also follow Sylosis on Twitter at @sylosis.

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