Bowling For Soup – Songs People Actually Liked Volume One – 1994 to 2003 Greatest Hits Coming In January

Bowling For Soup 2015 Band Promo Picture

Some may find it hard to believe, but Rock Sins’ friends and Texas’s finest purveyors of pop punk, Bowling For Soup, have officially hit two decades as a band! To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of BFS, Bowling For Soup are delighted to announce the release of a very special album, Songs People Actually Liked – Volume One – The First Ten Years 1994 – 2003, will be released on the 26th of January 2015 in the UK and shortly thereafter in the US. Songs People Actually Liked Volume One will be released through Que-So Records / Brando Records, which has been the BFS label since the band took things DIY after parting company with Jive Records a few years ago.

Songs People Actually Liked – Volume One is unique as far as greatest hits albums go because the band are actually rerecording all the included songs completely afresh. There are a couple of reasons behind this decision, not least the fact a Bowling For Soup greatest hits album was released by their old label after they were dropped which had zero input from the band. So Songs People Actually Liked Volume One is Bowling For Soup righting an old wrong. The album has been entirely funded by another successful Pledge Music campaign, allowing Bowling For Soup’s renowned hardcore fanbase to be fully involved at every step of the way.

BFS singer Jaret Reddick remarked on the re-creation of parts of the band’s first ten years:

It’s been so cool to hear these songs come to life again and all in one place. It’s amazing what 20 years of playing, singing and technology can do. Everything just sounds amazing!

Bowling For Soup also convened and put out this video to explain a little bit more about why they decided to make Songs People Actually Liked the way they have, rather than just a bog standard greatest hits album. You can watch the video (originally only available to members of the Bowling For Soup PledgeMusic campaign) below:

Without any more waffling from us – onto the solid facts! The track listing and the album artwork for the first part of Bowling For Soup’s greatest hits vol 1 can be found below:

Bowling For Soup: Songs People Actually Liked – Volume 1 – The First 10 Years (1994-2003)

1. The Last Rock Show
2. Suckerpunch
3. Emily
4. Girl All The Bad Guys Want
5. You and Me
6. The Bitch Song
7. Scope
8. 2113
9. Punk Rock 101
10. Belgium
11. Life After Lisa
12. Cody
13. Thirteen
14. Dance With You
15. KoolAid
16. Pictures He Drew
17. Sandwich
18. 20 Years (That’s a Lot Of Beers)

Bowling For Soup - Songs People Actually Liked Volume One Album Artwork

The Pledge Campaign for the album is now completed but anyone who wants to pre-order the album from Amazon can do so here – Bowling For Soup – Songs People Actually Liked – Volume One – The First Ten Years 1994 – 2003 (CD) or pre-order the download from iTunes here – Songs People Actually Liked on iTunes. Stay tuned for further BFS news including a review of the album in the new year!


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