Interview with Hayden Ing of Calling All Cars at Sonisphere 2014

Calling All Cars Band Promo Photo 2014

Having packed up their bags and moved over to the UK from down under, Australian rockers Calling All Cars have had a whirlwind 2014. We caught up with Haydn from the band to talk about the big move and the bands plans for the year.

This is Lisa Fox from Rock Sins and I’m here with Haydn from Calling All Cars ……

*Hayden gives me a really confused look*

I am, aren’t I?

HI: Yes.

You looked kind of scared there, you were like “eh, eh?”

HI: Yes I was like, “Is that me?!”

It is you! So how it’s going?

HI: Good how are you?

I’m very well thank you.  How polite of you to ask.  So tell me how was the show?

HI: It was amazing, yes! It was our first proper festival show since we moved to the UK so it was awesome. It was good vibes and there was a good crowd there.

So I’ve got to ask are you guys mental? Why have you moved to the UK from Australia?

HI: Well, Australia’s really far away from everything so the two options when you’re in Australia is move to the UK or the States and the UK just felt like it was the right move. We’ll find out I guess.

You’re crazy, look at the weather.

HI: Yes I know, but it’s alright. It’s not too bad at the moment, it’s been pretty sunny. Although, I will wait until the winter hits and then reassess.

So did you guys literally just drop everything at home and move over here?

HI: Yes we did, yes.  We’re living in Bristol now, it’s exciting. So many new places to play so good times!

So you guys, just released ‘Raise The People’?

HI: Yes, it’s our first international release so I’m very excited about that. We’ve been writing the album for a long time actually, we took a bit of time off and changed the sound from the previous releases and spent heaps of time writing it. We recorded with a whole bunch of different people so it’s got quite a collective sound. Mmm, there’s bit of our old sound, it’s a bit heavier and then there’s some new stuff as well.

Ah that’s a good call I like that.  So what else have you guys got going on, are you going to go out and tour?

HI: Yes we’ve got lots of stuff planned.

How have you been received in the UK so far?

HI: So far so good, the crowd seemed to be growing as we were playing which was a nice thing, it’s early days so we’ll see what happens.

Do you think they’ll forget about you in Australia?

HI: Hope not. I think everyone back in Australia’s really supportive, they’re really encouraging, getting us over here.  Yes, we’ll try and do back and forth trips between here and there.

Are you going to check out any other bands over the weekend?

HI: Yes we’re going to try and see as many bands as possible, looking forward to Deftones, Maiden then there’s two Australian acts tomorrow as well. We’re going to stick around for the weekend, there’s Airbourne, Karnivool…

Two great bands.

HI: Yes. They’re awesome.

They’re very, what’s the word, exuberant ?

HI: Yes. Well the frontman of Airbourne just climbs everything. I was told before I went on stage that I wasn’t allowed to climb anything so we’ll see what he does. I don’t know.

Did that ruin your day?  Not being allowed to climb anything.

HI: It kind of ruined my day!

You had all sorts of gymnastics planned.

HI: Yes! I did have like a whole bunch of other things planned, but it’s alright I still had a good time.

So in terms of performing live and your way of performing live, what would you say inspires your show?

HI: I think it’s just belief in your own music really, it’s being possessed and meaning what you say. I guess that’s about it really you know. If you don’t believe in your own music then anyone listening to it isn’t going to either.

Do you listen to your own music?

HI: Yes, all the time,  you always second question everything. Yes I also try and listen to as much stuff as I can, as well as our own, but I do try and prepare.

And what about singles from the album?

HI: We’ve released ‘Werewolves’ and ‘Standing In The Ocean’ as a new single.  Seems to be going pretty well at the moment.  Let’s see how it goes.

Cool.  So one last thought from me, because the site’s called Rock Sins I’m asking everyone what is your rock sin?

HI: My rock sin? Oh wow.

It can be sex, drugs and rock and roll, it can be tea, it can be the fact that you’re secretly obsessed with the Smurfs.

HI: My rock sin that’s a tricky one.  I’ve got to think about this.  Sorry.

Think about it that’s fine.

HI: I mean I guess sex, drugs and rock and roll are always like the you know…

The myth?

HI: Yes. But I guess I mean lately I’ve been trying to stop smoking, being a singer and all.  But yes I don’t know.  I mean, I’m just going to go with sex, drugs and rock and roll.  Yes.  I’m trying to not incriminate myself…

And not be too specific in case your mum reads it?

HI: Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

Fantastic.  Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to chat with me.

HI: Cheers, thank you.

You can check out Calling All Cars on their Facebook page at and their official website
Interviewed by: Lisa Fox


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