Shoshin – All For U.S – Single Review


    Overall Score: 6/10
    Lyric content: 9/10
    Catchiness: 6/10
    Backing Music: 5/10
    Pros: Good concpet
    Cons: Awkwardly excecuted

    Salford’s latest musical exports Shoshin are back with a brand new single, All For U.S.  The new single follows in the footsteps of the bands debut album, released in 2012, and continues to blend rapping, reggae and rock into a politically tense, catchy outburst of music. There’s a clear set of influences, ranging from Rage Against The Machine to ska punk like The Specials, which creates, on paper, the blueprint for an interesting sound. Front man Pete Haley clearly has a point to make, speaking eloquently of a diverse set of subjects, ranging from the war on terror to the wikileaks scandal, but he’s slightly let down by disappointingly lacklustre backing music. Despite the wide pool of influences, the band have created what basically amounts to a boring, heard-it-before guitar riff, with an interesting, though forgettable, rap over the top. Shoshin definitely have potential, but right now are still a little rough around the edges.

    Want to hear the song for yourselves? Then check out the band’s lyric video for All Of U.S below:

    You can also check out Shoshin at the following locations:

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