The Art Of Escaping – Three Ways E.P

    The Art Of Escaping - Three Ways E.P

    East Anglian hard rockers The Art of Escaping’s début three track E.P, Three Ways, is an interesting glimpse into a band that could have a bright future. Whilst it’s only a small window into what the band have to offer – the initial signs are very good indeed.

    The opening track, Catch Me If You Can, is a memorable hard rock track with a great intro, some nice riffs and a strong chorus. Second song Ignite The Fire has a guitar tone and riffwork reminiscent of some of Rich Ward’s work with Fozzy courtesy of guitarist Mark Warren but combined with an almost Southern US rock twang to it, which is likely to please fans of bands like Black Stone Cherry or Monster Truck. There’s also a handy solo courtesy of singer and lead guitarist Justin Brand. Three Ways’ final track Help My Lungs To Breathe is possibly the pick of the bunch as the production seems best on this track of all three, showcasing what all the different elements of the band are capable of with in particular, more good guitar work.

    Looking at The Art of Escaping, they seem to have all the tools they need to succeed. Justin has an engaging tone to his voice sitting somewhere between Deaf Havana’s James Veck-Gilodi and the more elaborate styles of some of the more prominent international vocalists such as Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen and Black Stone Cherry’s Chris Robertson. The twin guitars of Mark Warren and Justin give the band a good depth to their sound and while the rhythm section of Ben Gallacher and Nick Barker does not do anything spectacular, it’s not required at this point. What they do is done very well. The only reason this E.P doesn’t score more highly is that it’s only the three tracks. Three Ways is a very intriguing beginning to what could be a bright future for The Art Of Escaping if they can make good on their early promise.

    You can follow The Art Of Escaping on Twitter at @TAOEscaping.

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