Bloodstock Open Air 2015 Festival Deposit Scheme For Tickets Launches Today!

Bloodstock Open Air 2015 Festival poster 9 Dec 2014

Spent the majority of your money until the end of January but still desperate to get your hands on a 2015 Bloodstock Open Air Festival ticket? Then the Bloodstock deposit scheme’s return may be the answer to all your problems, or just a welcome convenience you’d like to use anyway!

The BOA deposit scheme is back for 2015, allowing festival attendees to split their ticket purchase into three far more managable chunks of £45, rather than coughing up the whole £135 (plus fees) up front in one go. The scheme went live as of 10am today (6th of January 2015) and will be open until the 7th of March. Details of the required payments for scheme members are as follows:

1st payment – £45 (plus £7 booking fee, so essentially £52) required on the day of sign up e.g. today.
2nd payment – £45 – debited from your account on 27th March.
3rd payment – £45 (+ postage charges) – debited from your account on 29th May.

The money will come out of the person in question’s account via bank transfer on the dates listed above to ensure that Bloodstock goers can’t forget to make the payments as scheduled. Anyone wishing to sign up to the deposit scheme should head to the official Bloodstock online ticket store –

Anyone who needs some persuading about how great Bloodstock Open Air Festival is would be wise to watch this clip of Black metal legends Emperor blasting their way through the track I Am The Black Wizards from last years’ festival when Emperor headlined middle Saturday:

Bloodstock Open Air 2015 sees Trivium (in their first UK festival headline performance), Within Temptation and Rob Zombie (also in his first UK festival main stage headline performance) as the three headliners for the festival, along with special guests Opeth, Sabaton and one more still to be confirmed. Then there’s the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Ihsahn, Armored Saint, Nuclear Assault, Death DTA, Sepultura, Orange Goblin, 1349 and many more already on the bill with dozens more bands to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Bloodstock 2015 deposit scheme today! You won’t regret it.

Bloodstock Open Air 2015 Festival poster 9 Dec 2014


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