KoRn: Live Photo Gallery from Wembley Arena – The Prepare For Hell 2015 UK Tour

The Prepare For Hell tour was one of the most anticipated metal tours to come to the UK in quite some time, not only was it’s Slipknot’s return but it was Slipknot with special guests KoRn! On Friday the tour finally made it’s stop at a sold out Wembley Arena and the atmosphere in the room was nothing short of incredible. Unfortunately I had to miss King 810 due to some logistical issues but was luckily in just in time to watch Korn play an amazing set full of classics including Here To Stay, Falling Away From Me and Got The Life. I was also able to grab some photos, check them out below:

If you’ve not read Rock Sins full review of KoRn and Slipknot’s amazing performances at Wembley Arena then please take the time to read our gig review on this link here. Rock Sins was also very lucky to be able to sit down with KoRn guitarist James Shaffer aka Munky at the Glasgow stop on the Prepare For Hell tour for an in-depth interview on a wide variety of topics. Anyone interested can read our interview with Munky right here.

Last but not least, Rock Sins also has an exclusive photo gallery of Slipknot’s performance from Wembley. Anyone who would like to see those photos can check them out right here. Stay tuned to Rock Sins for further updates on Slipknot and KoRn as and when we get them.

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