Sonisphere Organisers Confirm No Knebworth UK Festival Will Take Place In 2015

Sonisphere Knebworth 2014 Metallica and Iron Maiden header image

Sad news to end the week on here at Rock Sins with the confirmation that there will be Sonisphere UK at Knebworth this year. The fact that there had been no news or event hints of official announcements until now meant that it wasn’t looking good for the prospects of another Sonisphere in 2015 but this has now been confirmed in an official statement on the Sonisphere website which reads as follows:

Sonisphere reluctantly confirm that Sonisphere will not take place in the UK in 2015. We’ve been working hard to get a line-up that we felt was good enough but also on a weekend which would avoid other events that we know rock fans would want to support. Unfortunately our last irons in the fire have just been extinguished and it’s clear that we won’t be in a position to run the event this year. We’ve said in the past that Sonisphere will only go ahead if we feel it is going to be good enough and that hasn’t changed.

We hope all rock fans have a great summer with all the festivals and concerts already in the calendar and we plan to see you all in 2016.

Various acts such as The Foo Fighters, Black Sabbath and AC/DC had been rumoured for Knebworth in 2015 but The Foos and AC/DC ultimately opted for their own stadium shows (plus rumours of Glastonbury are abound for both bands) and Black Sabbath have not yet announced any concrete plans for this year.

This is very sad news as Sonisphere’s return last year after a two year absence was most enjoyable, with a fantastic line up topped off by Metallica, Iron Maiden and The Prodigy. What odds on another Metallica return to Knebworth in 2016? Keep your eyes both here on Rock Sins, and on the Sonisphere UK website for any further updates.


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