BREAKING NEWS: Do Trivium Have A New Drummer?

Trivium Download 2014 Promo Photo by Luke Daley

Rumours have hit the internet today that Trivium have got themselves yet another new drummer. The only news so far comes from a post on Matt Heafy’s twitter, which states-

“It is with regret that we in @TriviumOfficial have again been forced to make a drummer change. Welcome Peter “James” Bond to the band!”

Although Matt’s twitter account, @matthewkheafy, then posted the following-

“Peter “James” Bond Read:

For those of you not in the now, Peter “James” Bond is a character from Spinal Tap…yes, he’s the drummer who spontaneously combusted on stage during a jazz festival on the Isle of Lucy. Trivium have had former drum tech Mat Madiro behind the kit for almost a year.

Meanwhile Trivium’s former drummer Nick Augusto hasn’t waste any time since being unceremoniously ditched by his former bandmates. Returning home to Florida, he has started working on a new project with Christopher Cussell (Before The Mourning). Completing the band are guitarist Tommy Hjelm (Insense, Beaten To Death) and Martin Rygge (also of Insense and Beaten To Death).

The new band, dubbed Corrosion, have also recorded an EP with producer Jason Suecof (Trivium, Chimaira) which will be released shortly. Trivium are currently working on the follow up to their 2013 album Vengeance Falls and can be found headlining Bloodstock Open Air 2015 in the UK in the Summer.



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