Heart In Hand Announce Band Has Broken Up

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Some sad news for a Friday evening here at Rock Sins. UK south coast melodic hardcore / metalcore outfit Heart In Hand have announced the end of the band in a lengthy, detailed and somewhat intriguing post on the band’s official Facebook page. The statement talks of trust within the band being tested but without going into further specifics. Heart In Hand’s UK & European tour with Hand Of Mercy, Create To Inspire and Liferuiner has been fully cancelled (please see your ticket provider for how to get refunds for tickets if this applies to you). The band’s Facebook statement can be read in full below:

It is with great sadness that we have to write this post, but as of today, we as Heart In Hand will no longer be continuing to create and perform music. Trust is a hugely important part of any band and when it is tested it is difficult to come back from without causing further damage.

As a result of this, we will be cancelling our upcoming European tour next month, a fact that we are monumentally sorry about. We cannot apologise enough to the fans, promotors and organisers and of course Hand Of Mercy, LIFERUINER and Create To Inspire for letting you down, but we wouldn’t want to tour not to our full potential and see this off in an even more negative way.

It is a difficult time to say the least for us to talk about the end of this adventure, we’ve watched this band grow for over 6 years and been to some amazing places, met incredible people and had some of our fondest memories playing with some amazing bands and countless festivals, all with the satisfaction that music we created and hard work got us there. We never cut corners or paid our way onto anything, which makes our achievements more precious to us personally.

This would be the best opportunity to thank everyone who helped us along the way, every single person who showed support, whether it be a ‘like’ on Facebook and illegally downloading our music, or coming to 15 shows, getting tattoos or buying all our shirts. All the people behind the scenes guiding us right and creating a strong team as the band grew, including Nanouk at Avocado Booking, Jamie and everyone at Siege Of Amida Recordsand Century Media Records, and Dom Patience, as well as anyone we’ve had as drivers and crew/tour pals, you know who you are.

We will be toying about with music outside of this band in due time, but for now, this is the end for Heart In Hand. We understand this is not the most suitable end but it’s the way it has to be at this point. Love to you all.


Another sad loss to the UK’s metal community after numerous promising rock and metal bands calling it quits last year. You can read an interview Rock Sins conducted with Heart In Hand’s Sam Brennan back in happier times at Download 2014 on the following link. Stay tuned for any further updates about the break up of Heart In Hand.

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