INCITE – Live at the Garage Attic in Glasgow, 17th February

Incite Band Photo by Glen LaFerman 2

INCITE frontman Richie Cavalera is clearly a man who lives, and dies by his word. On more than one occasion he has spoken out about the importance of touring bands giving local bands a chance to play with them. Tonight, this may just be his downfall. Is it a case of Back to the Primitive, or will his Soul fly (see what we did there?)? We shall see.

Kicking off proceedings tonight we have two local Glasgow bands, Nemecyst and As Daylight Fades. Nemecyst are less than tight, and seem to get through the set by bantering with their friends in the “crowd”. Musically they are all over the place, and seem underprepared and overwhelmed. Whereas As Daylight Fades may look like they belong in a film called “Honey, I Shrunk The Band”, but boy do they pack a punch. With all of the energy of a duracel bunny vocalist Jordan climbs the barrier to sing with the room. Although there aren’t many folk in attendance, its nice to see all of INCITE watching the younger bands play.

When your vocalist has a surname like Cavalera a band is always going to have a lot to live up to. It is therefore unsurprising that there is a general assumption that Richie simply popped up in the industry overnight, chanced his arm at music and got instant unwarranted exposure because of his family.  In actual fact that could not be further from the truth. INCITE have come a long way in the last few years, and with the release of their third album ‘Up In Hell’ last year, the only way is up.  The Arizonan quartet’s hard hitting groove metal more than fills the empty space in the Garage Attic bar. Baring resemblance to metal titans such as Lamb Of God and Pantera, INCITE blast us with boneheaded bangers such as ‘Fallen’ and ‘Die Alone’. Richie is 100% Cavalera as he snarl at the audience and encourages us to move forward and get involved with the show. Some bands would be put off my such a low turn out, but INCITE seem willing to cut their teeth on it, and give us a show worthy of a stadium performance.

INCITE are certainly worthy heirs to the metal throne, and with their obvious desire to tear the world a new one, it won’t be long before Richie and co become Kings.

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