Neck Deep Live At The Waterfront, Norwich, 4th February 2015

Neck Deep Band Promo Picture

Think that being in a band and growing your fan base around the UK who will scream your lyrics back at you and thrash around in a mosh pit is a far-fetched dream? Well it’s not, several bands, topped off by Welsh pop punk outfit Neck Deep took to the Waterfront stage in Norwich to prove that it’s achievable!

Trophy Eyes (7) – Hailing from Newcastle and gracing Norwich with their presence. This angsty teenage pop punk band had a lot to give. There was an element of pent up anger from adolescence with a hint of making the most of life from this band.

Knuckle Puck (8) – Chicago based band Knuckle Punch proved to the Waterfront that you can make it across the pond. The set started with an epic 80’s track intro with a booming announcer introducing the band, building up excitement in the venue.

Throughout the set the energy projected by the band could be felt right through the crowd; physically and mentally. After screaming lyrics angrily and passionately during each song, Joe Taylor thanked the crowd in one of the most innocent and bashful voices I’ve heard.

Crowd pleasing song – But why did you care

Neck Deep (8) – Ever been to an American football game? Well, Neck Deep definitely made it feel like you were! The band merch provided some added entertainment of foam fists and fingers for the show; of which got stuck to the vents above the crowd. There was something in the Waterfront atmosphere that told you that the kids in the crowd were there for Neck Deep. Their presence on the scene is one that is growing as pop punk is making a real big splash here in the UK.

Crowd pleasing song – Candour

Safe to say that if you are into pop punk this was a great gig to be at. The next chance to see Neck Deep (and Knuckle Puck) is at the fantastic North / South / Midlands triple header that is the Slam Dunk Festival in May – if you’re going don’t miss them! If you’re not going – then you should!


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