An Interview With Halestorm’s Josh Smith: “We’re so pumped up to finally get this album out to everyone”

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Ever since Halestorm burst onto the world’s attention with their second album The Strange Case Of in 2012, Rock Sins have been huge supporters of the band. Throughout that time we’ve managed to have semi-regular catch up’s with the band, and with bassist Josh Smith in particular. As we approach the release of the new Halestorm album Into The Wild Life next week, we’ve been in touch with Josh once again to see how things are in the world of Halestorm, how their recent UK tour went, and whether he would really beat the rest of the band in a race. Read on for the details…

Hi, thanks for taking the time to talk to us once again. How are things in camp Halestorm right now with the launch of the new album just over a week away?

We’re so pumped up to finally get this album out to everyone. Gearing up for this next tour and getting all of the new songs ready for the live show just adds to the excitement.

Have you felt under pressure during the writing of this album after the huge success of The Strange Case Of?

Not at all. After touring so extensively for an album cycle, we find ourselves filled to the brim with ideas for new songs.

Have you done anything different this time round in terms of your writing and recording process compared to the last two albums?

We did a lot of things that took us out of our comfort zone to make this album: new producer, new studio, new city, etc. but as soon as we pressed record we knew we had made the right decisions.

Are you happy with the end results of Into The Wild Life? Is there any song (or songs) that particularly stand out as personal highlights?

I couldn’t be happier. The entire experience of making this record was amazing. I can’t wait to tour on it, take what we’ve learned, and make our next album.

Your UK tour with Nothing More & Wilson seemed to go really well, was it (another) good trip across the UK for the band?

Absolutely. The best yet in my opinion. 2 great bands joined us and they’re all great guys to boot! We laughed, we cried, we rocked. I look forward to playing shows with them again.

Was it a surreal experience headlining a famous venue like the Roundhouse when you were supporting bands like Shinedown there only a couple of years ago?

It was surreal to play that place as the opening band! I can’t describe how good of a feeling was to headline. But the hangover I had the following day was a pretty good indication of how chuffed I was to be playing such a historic venue.

What’s next on the Halestorm schedule once the album is released?

Touring and more touring. Hopefully we visit some new places, and play some new festivals.

Is the UK likely to see Halestorm again before 2015 is over?


Finally, if it came down to it and all of you were in a foot race, who would win? And what should the prize for winning be?

Pshh.. Me. Definitely me.
I don’t care about a prize.. But we could make the race interesting. I’d want us all to run the ‘beer mile’. Chug a beer, run a 1/4 mile, beer, 1/4 mile, etc…

Halestorm’s brand new album Into The Wild Life is released in the UK this Monday (April 13th 2015) through Atlantic Records. Rock Sins’ review of Into The Wild Life can be found right here. A review of their recent London gig with Wilson and Nothing More can also be read here. Users of social media can follow Halestorm on Twitter at @Halestorm. Further updates from the Halestorm camp will be available to read here as and when we have them.


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