Deez Nuts – Word Is Bond

    On paper combining hip-hop with hardcore seemed like an impossible fusion but Australian four piece Deez Nuts have established a unique sound over an eight year career. With an appearance at Impericon Festival in Manchester drawing ever so closer the band are ready to unleash their fourth studio record, Word Is Bond, to the world. Does this new offering by Deez Nuts continue to build on the band’s trademark sound or does it collapse under mighty expectations?

    One thing that is clear from Word Is Bond is the huge focus towards the riffs, the entirety of the record is jam-packed with breakdowns and riffs that are rooted with thrash metal influence. The breakdown in Yesterday is absolutely crushing and the riffs in What’s Good are incredibly satisfying, if anything it showcases the shift in the band’s sound; moving towards a heavier, darker approach rather than the party vibe of records prior.

    In terms of musical quality, Word Is Bond features some absolutely incredible musicianship. The four piece have worked incredibly hard throughout their musical career and this record is testament to that work ethic. Alex Saligner provides a consistently rapid drumbeat, Sean Kennedy sets the tone with a deeply down-tuned bass, Matt Rogers demonstrates some monstrous riffs and JJ Peters’ vocals ebbs and flows to the changing pace in wonderful fashion. With a record that is so fast-paced you’d be surprised that there are moments when the band almost show-boat their musical quality. For example, the introduction to Chess Boxin’ features an intricate opening riff before roaring into life with an explosion of hardcore fury. It’s incredibly satisfying and showcases that Deez Nuts have evolved into an absolute gem in the hardcore scene.

    There are still aspects of the hip-hop elements that Deez Nuts are renown for, with JJ Peters demonstrating excellent vocal ability. The record is host to a vocal performance that is nothing short of excellent. With such a fast-paced record, it’s incredible that Peters’ vocals can keep the rhythm flowing in perfect time, Pour Up demonstrates the sheer intensity of speed with lyrics shouted at full intensity, it really does indicate a band at their very best.

    With such a focus towards the hardcore elements, Word Is Bond is an absolute monster of a record. It’s musically fantastic, ferocious and bursting with anger. This is exactly what a hardcore record should be, and yet it still has Deez Nuts’ signature charm to it. Word Is Bond is incredibly mouth watering and it will leave you begging for one more anthem, one more breakdown and one more riff upon it’s closure.

    Deez Nuts can be followed on Facebook at Word Is Bond will be released through Century Media Records.

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