Interview with JJ Peters and Matt Rogers from Deez Nuts: “We’re just gonna tour the s*** out of the new album”

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Australia’s Deez Nuts have become one of the most popular hardcore bands in the scene over the last few years. Ahead of their set at this years Impericon Festival, vocalist JJ Peters and guitarist Matt Rogers took some time to chat about the festival and the new Deez Nuts album Word Is Bond.

So you guys have already done a few of the Impericon Festival dates in Europe, how has it been so far?

JJ Peters: It’s been awesome man, we’ve done all but 2 so 5 in total. It’s just been awesome for us because we’ve had some time off so it’s been great to come back and play shows like this. On top of that the line up is stacked with friends of ours who love as bands and as people so it’s been great to spend time with those people.

Do you think Impericon is as a brand is important within the hardcore and metal scene?

JJ Peters: Erm yes and no, like what they do is great and when they put these packages together it’s awesome. But at the same time I never like seeing someone have too much of a monopoly on this shit. It can make it harder for newer bands to get involved if they’re not at this level. So it’s cool that bring so many bands together but I think there needs to be some space for other people.

The line up for Impericon Festival is split between metal and hardcore, do you find the crowds to be divided between the two or do you think they embrace every band?

Matt Rogers: It is split in half but we tend to be able to play to any crowd, which is weird. I don’t think many bands can. Well I mean they can but I guess sometimes they won’t want to.

Obviously hardcore tends to work best in smaller venues but how do you feel playing bigger stages like today?

Matt Rogers: We love it all.

JJ Peters: It’s a different energy really. I mean the small venues and crowds are always insane and that’s a vibe we love playing to. But these big festivals are like huge sing-alongs, it’s a completely different thing but we love it.

So moving onto your new album Word Is Bond, are you happy with how it’s been received so far?

JJ Peters: Yeah I mean we were already super proud of it, whatever people were gonna say we were already super psyched about it. But the response has been so positive. It’s been playing the new shit for the first time and the songs are being received really well. So I’d say it’s been awesome.

The album feels like a throwback to classic New York hardcore, was that something you aimed to do?

Matt Rogers: Yeah man we wrote it in New York, it was exactly what we wanted to do with the album.

So have you been playing much off the album live then?

JJ Peters: The sets about half and half right now, there’s like 5 new songs we’re playing and they’ve been going down really well.

Matt Rogers: You’re always concerned when you first play new songs cos you dunno what it’s gonna be like, whether one song is gonna work better than another but it’s been pretty great for all songs.

You got a few guest vocalists in again for your new album, I guess you really like including your friends on each album?

Matt Rogers: There’s actually a lot less on this one than there was on our last album. We both think it’s the shit though when you get some of your best mates on a song. Like we wouldn’t just ask anyone to do it. Drew from Stray From The Path is the boy, Andrew from Comeback Kid produced the record and is one of our best friends and Dre from the band Hellions he’s our boy too.

So you’ve also doing a few co-headline shows with Stick To Your Guns, what’s it like touring with them.

JJ Peters: It’s awesome man, we’ve had a lot of mutual friends for a long time and we’ve crossed paths a lot but we’ve never actually been able to tour together. We’re getting along like a house on fire though so it’s cool.

You both take very different approaches to hardcore, is it good to have that mix on a tour?

JJ Peters: Yeah we’re like polar opposites. The way we interact with the crowd is a lot more lighthearted whereas Jesse is a lot more inspirational. I mean he’s almost like a motivational speaker as times which is really cool. I mean it’s a bit of a juxtaposition thing but it works.

You’re playing Slam Dunk festival as well in a few weeks, are you excited for that?

JJ Peters: Fuck yeah man.

Matt Rogers: I’m so excited for it.

JJ Peters: Those line ups are always insane man, there’s gonna be so much going on.

Matt Rogers: It’s our first time there too, is the line up always this stacked?

JJ Peters: Isn’t it usually like mad pop-punk?

It’s mainly a pop-punk festival yeah but there’s usually two stages that are just heavy bands.

Matt: So you could just stick to one stage and be where you need to be to see all your favourite bands.

Yeah, so finally have Deez Nuts got much else planned for 2015?

JJ Peters: Yeah well we’re going back to Europe after these three UK shows then we’re back for Slam Dunk. Then we’re going to Australia for a month and New Zealand. Then it’s back to Europe before taking a month off and then hopefully America. We’re just gonna tour the shit out of the new album.

Cheers guys that’s everything then

JJ Peters: Awesome man.

Matt Rogers: Thanks so much bro.

Catch Deez Nuts across the UK this bank holiday weekend at all three parts of the Slam Dunk Festival 2015 at Hatfield (South – sold out), Wolverhampton (Midlands) and Leeds (North). You can also follow Deez Nuts on Twitter at @deeznutsHC.

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