The Lounge Kittens – Just The Tip

    2015 has a new party EP, a feel good EP for the summer, a rock of ages… and it is ‘Just The Tip’ by The Lounge Kittens. Fresh from touring with Steel Panther, the girls are set for world domination with their debut release. Having first come across The Lounge Kittens at Sonisphere last year we were immediately enraptured by their infectious energy, rapier wit and dazzling personalities. Jenny, Timia and Zan are here to stay, and we’re delighted!

    With the release of ‘Just The Tip’, The Lounge Kittens have proven that they are so much more than a flash in the pan novelty band. Ok, so the EP is all covers, but don’t let that put you off. You will find yourself falling in love with these songs all over again.The Lounge Kittens take the anthem, splat them against a wall, twist them, run them through their fingers and re mould them in to something so much better, much more catchy, wonderful and, well, feline. Opening with ‘Party Hard’ you are immediately captivated by the keyboard hook, then there are the harmonies and vocal arrangements, and ohhhhh the harmonies again. This is the party anthem we loved in the noughties re-worked and given a facelift for 2015. A ravishing jazz infused ‘Duality’ follows, and it has to be said this is the first time we’ve found ourselves shaking our hips and wiggling our butt to a Slipknot song! ‘Seanapaul Medley’ is up next, although we’re not so familiar with his songs, it does have all of the charm of a Lounge Kittens mash up (and how we love those), and is sure to go down well at Glastonbury when the ladies return this summer. ‘Seanapaul Medley’ also proves that the kittens are not ones to be restricted to one genre, no one is safe from their claws.

    Then there’s the song that started it all, ‘Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit, with the special Kittens twist. Hell, even Fred Durst loves the kittens, and invited them to perform on stage with him at Sonisphere last year. Whats not to love about a choral break down of “Hey rockers, hip hoppers and everybody all around the world”?? Aerosmith classic ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ is the next song to receive the kitten treatment, and it is reworked in to a slow and sexy Tango. You can picture the Argentinian dancers in Buenos Aires kicking up their feet and skirts as they move across the dance floor. You’ll find it tough not to click your fingers to the deliberate beat of “And I don’t want to miss a thing.” Rounding off the 6 track EP is possibly the kittens most daring cover, given the lyrical content! ‘Gloryhole’ proves these ladies can conquer any song, no matter how risque. “I don’t want to know, who’s sucking my cock tonight’ is not a lyric you would typically image 3 beautiful women to be singing, but you’ll soon be singing along too, regardless of your gender or sexual preference. The clever lyric changes referring to members of Steel Panther is nothing short of hysterical. Obviously intended as a pre cursor to the bands tour, the song shouldn’t work, but it really really does, and it wraps up the EP perfectly.

    Not many musicians could get away with re-working such classic anthems but The Lounge Kittens do it, and they do it with style. Never has there been a Rock Sin we have enjoyed more than the tunes that come from these three frisky felines. Well done ladies!

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