Against the Current – Gravity EP

    Against The Current Gravity EP Cover

    Overall Score: 8/10
    Hooks: 8/10
    Chin-stroking prog moments: 1/10
    Potential: 8/10
    Pros: A promising start with plenty of catchy choruses
    Cons: Nothing REALLY fantastic but a lot of promise

    What is the measure of real quality in music? Is it the ability to forge ceaselessly forward, constantly bending genre and convention, pushing the boundaries of music or is it, perhaps, the ability to write five songs jam full of earwormer choruses? They may not be touring with Mastodon anytime soon but Against the Current’s Gravity is just one such example. Stylistically sitting somewhere between first album Paramore’s energetic pop rock and Taylor Swift (bear with us) there’s a very distinct identity in this EP which sets Gravity apart from the pack of Paramore imitators. Singer Chrissy Constanza is a star in the making and has the powerful voice to back up the EP title track’s enormous chorus but she’s also got the knack of an endearingly frank delivery ala Taylor Swift.

    Gravity is well worth the listen and it’s a little bit scary to think of the amount of giant hooks Against the Current will have in their arsenal if they keep up this level of excellence. Having also recently signed with Fueled by Ramen its clear that big things are expected by many parts of the industry.

    Against The Current’s Gravity E.P is out now. You can also follow Against The Current on Twitter at @atc_band and on Facebook at


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