An Interview With Triaxis: “We have had an amazing time playing tracks from the new album to fans new and old”

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Welsh riff lords (and ladies) Triaxis are some of our oldest friends here at Rock Sins. We’ve been backers of theirs ever since this website was founded in August 2009, so with the fact they’ve just released a new album in the shape of Zero Hour, a catch up with the band was long overdue. So lets find out what Triaxis have been up to shall we?

Hello lovely Triaxis ladies and gents. How is everything in the Triaxis camp right now?

Everything is pretty awesome in the Triaxis camp right now. We’ve just finished the first half of the Zero Hour tour and we have had an amazing time playing tracks from the new album to fans new and old. The album launch was an absolutely amazing night, with people travelling far and wide to come and join us in a bit of a party night, It’s been great fun being on the road.

Your rifftastic new album Zero Hour has been out for a couple of weeks now – are you as a band happy with the end result?

Yes we are. There will always be, for everyone, a moment of ‘oh I maybe should have done that’ but we are very happy with the end result, and more importantly the fans seem to be happy with it.

What has the feedback been like from the fans (and the press)?

It’s been very positive. You’re always nervous when you put out something that you’ve been working on for the best part of two years, have put your heart and soul into and no longer is yours to keep away from criticism but we’ve had a better reaction than we could have hoped for and we are glad that the fans really like it, and the press have been very complimentary too.

Are there any tracks in particular you are especially proud of or consider favourites (I imagine this may be different for each person in the band depending on who answers this)!

Yes we all have different favourites, but we’d all agree that the title track Zero Hour is pretty special. It is a mammoth track and it’s also fun to perform live.

You are headlining the first day of SoS Fest in Manchester next month – headlining any festival is quite the achievement so you must be looking forward to that?

Yes we are. We love playing SOS Fest, so be asked to headline the opening night is wonderful. We are really looking forward to performing with so many great bands and seeing a lot of old and new friends (musos and fans alike) as well.

You’re also making a return to Bloodstock Open Air in August, was it nice to be invited back for the 2nd time?

This is actually our third appearance at Bloodstock, we performed on the New Blood stage in 2009, and an acoustic set on the Jaeger Stage in 2012, so we’re thrilled to be going back. It’s the best metal festival in the country, and the crowd are just phenomenal in their support of live music. We love it.

Can you tell us what else is in the Triaxis calendar for the next few months?

We have a new video in the pipeline for our next single from the album, we’re back out on the road and are booking more dates to take us to the end of the year. We will be doing a Christmas bash again this year, so more details on that will be coming soon. And we hope to get back out to Europe in the late Autumn as well. So yes, going to be busy.

Last of all – the question that most bands get asked by Rock Sins – Are you fans of The Simpsons and if so, who’s your favourite character? (If not, 1) shame on you and 2) feel free to substitute your favourite character from another cartoon).

Krissie – I used to love the Simpsons but haven’t really watched it much in the last few years. So I’d have to say Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.
CJ – Mr Burns. But recently been watching Brickleberry and Malloy is great.
Glyn – Snake
Becky – Lisa Simpson

Triaxis’ new album Zero Hour is out now on Rocksector Records. Catch them at Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2015 next month, with more touring details to be confirmed soon! In the meantime please follow Triaxis on Facebook at


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