The Survival Code – MMXV


    Overall Score: 9/10
    Riffs: 8/10
    Vocal Performance: 9/10
    Overall Sound: 9/10
    Pros: Strong Riffs | Varied Pace | Excellent Vocal Performance
    Cons: Drags a little too much | Pace can vary too often at times

    Despite the claims that guitar based music is dead, it seems to be experiencing quite the opposite with bands like Royal Blood and Bury Tomorrow leading the UK scene in their respective fields. The Survival Code are the latest band to emerge and the London three piece are set to make a name of their own with debut record, MMXV. Does this debut set the band apart from the heavyweight competition in an over-populated scene?

    MMXV is jam-packed full of influences from rock’s biggest names, from the likes of Twin Atlantic, Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro, and that is made damn clear upon first listening. Yet what’s crucial is that this record is not just a carbon copy of what has come before. MMXV is a record full of character and a unique tone that sets The Survival Code apart from their competitors. Opening track Burning oozes in style with mesmerising guitar play and a soft and subtle vocal performance from lead singer Gary McGuinness.

    Perhaps one of the most interesting musical characteristics about MMXV is the varying levels of pace throughout the record. Rat Race is played to a slow yet intricate pace enabling the more technical skills of the band to flourish whereas This Feeling oozes grunge influence and is performed to a much faster rhythm. It is clear that The Survival Code have championed all elements of the massive rock umbrella and sub sequentially channelled it into a record that boasts absolute quality.

    MMXV is a strong debut from the London rock trio and it sets the band apart from the overwhelming competition in the rock genre. The band have made their influences clear yet strove to make a name for themselves and that is clearly shown with MMXV. This is a record for the guitar band enthusiast and an absolute must for any rock music fan’s collection.

    MMXV is out today (July 17th) on IRL.


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