Miss May I – ‘Deathless’

    Miss May I’s latest album ‘Deathless’ should sound familiar to anyone who’s listened to even a single from the band in the past. Unashamedly mid-000’s in its approach to metalcore ‘Deathless’ is executed very well although you can’t help but feel that Miss May I have taken a backward step creatively on this album.

    As always, Ryan Neff proves Miss May I’s ace in the hole delivering a consistently strong performance throughout. Neff’s clean vocals are what elevate Miss May I above the competition with title track ‘Deathless’ and ‘Psychotic Romance’ being just two examples of his finest moments on this album. Justin Aufdemkampe and BJ Stead’s guitar playing has also continued to evolve from previous record ‘Rise of the Lion.’ Killswitch Engage remain a common touchstone but strains of Unearth and Lamb of God’s more muscular riffing have also continued to be evoked. This much more muscular style has been well-integrated alongside Miss May I’s existing sound unlike on ‘Rise of the Lion’ which often saw the two styles split into separate songs.

    What is disappointing about ‘Deathless’ is the lack of some of the best aspects of ‘Rise of the Lion.’ In slowing the pace right down on ‘Echoes’ and ‘Gone’ Miss May I provided some good changes of pace that are lacking on ‘Deathless.’ This album is certainly doesn’t not boring; Miss May I are far too good songwriters for that but it does fall into the trap of previous albums by remaining at the same level and neither slowing down or speeding up for more variety in its attack. Improvements in the guitar playing aside, ‘Deathless’ still feels like a backwards step. It’s a solid album from a band that should, by all rights, have continued to evolve far more than the evidence suggests.

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    1. neff does not even sing on psychotic romantic, and this album is definitely an evolution of the band. tracks like empty promises and turn back the time bring diversity and some new aspects of varying sound.

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