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    Disturbed Immortalized Album Cover

    Once at the summit of modern metal, Disturbed have become a nostalgic band of sorts in recent years. Following from a four year hiatus, the band are back with their sixth studio record, Immortalized, in an attempt to pick up where they left off four years ago. But is this new offering simply an attempt to reclaim their crown or does Immortalized rekindle the flame of Disturbed’s career?

    Disturbed’s musical style can best be described as a combination of nu-metal and groove metal popularised by the likes of Lamb of God and so forth. Immortalized from the offset kicks off with slick grooves and holds the hooks of what the band so revered in modern metal; strong, powerful riffs backed by a strong vocal performance. The chorus of title track transports the listener back to 2005 with David Draiman’s signature vocal deliveries carrying the punch of the track. From there, the record continues to portray Disturbed’s signature musical style. The Vengeful One is backed with intertwining riffs whilst Draiman’s vocals rise and drop backed with melody and force and The Light features intricate guitar playing Dan Donegan before unfolding into a steady groove. The highlight of the record certainly has to be the epic What Are You Waiting For which features riffs that pack an almighty punch, consistent drumming and truly powerful vocal deliveries.

    Interestingly, Immortalized experiments with popular music’s more recent trends with You’re Mine featuring musical characteristics of the ever-popular dubstep movement for example. It’s a bold step by the band to capitalise on modern musical trends, yet one can’t help but feel that Disturbed are relying on any element to rekindle their career. Experimentation aside, Immortalized is a standard album by Disturbed. It bolsters all characteristics of what made the band so successful throughout the early 2000s and the band perform in fine fashion. Unfortunately, time has been a cruel mistress to Disturbed and Immortalized is a record that is ten years too late. The band’s hiatus in 2011 hasn’t done any favours and you can’t help but feel that if Immortalized was released at the height of the band’s career then it would skyrocket the band to the summit of commercial heavy metal. It’s not that the record is a terrible album, it’s far from it. Immortalized simply serves as a nostalgia trip for the band’s faithful following and will simply act as a last resort in rock clubs across the country.

    Immortalized is out now on Reprise Records.

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