An Interview with The Red Paintings’ Trash Mcsweeney: “Each member of TRP adds their own force of energy”

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The Red Paintings are one of the most interesting and unique rock bands on the planet right now. Rock Sins were lucky enough to grab a few minutes with their frontman Trash Mcsweeney as he prepares for The Red Paintings upcoming UK tour, which was the subject of our first question…

Thanks for sparing some time to talk to us. You’re currently looking for artists and human canvas models to volunteer for your upcoming UK tour – what do you look for in an artists’ work when looking for collaborators?

Artists are sourced with the aim of finding struggling but talented painters and providing them with a new platform to showcase their work. We are still taking submissions for stage painters and human canvases to join us a part of our new show. Find details at or email us x3 of your art works and which show you would like to paint or be a Human canvas for and we will be in touch with more details. [email protected].

What can audiences expect from this tour?

A collaboration of sound and visuals to create a living canvas that stimulates the senses and transports the audience through an intergalactic art experience like no other.

Over the last year you’ve toured with bands like The Birthday Massacre and …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, have those tours helped expose The Red Paintings to new audiences?

We are lucky in that we seem to cross over and connect with all sorts of musical genres. Certainly cross over well with these acts and yes we have been lucky to have their fanbase support TRP also.

Having toured all over the world, do you find certain countries are more receptive to what The Red Paintings are about than others?

It’s actually well balanced world wide.

You are well known for having suffered from Synesthesia for a number of years, were you always a very visually creative person prior to the condition or did that have a massive impact?

Yes always. I was already attending visual arts schooling in Australia and always painting or creating something with my head or hands.

The Red Paintings has had various line ups since it’s inception but things seem very stable at the moment – is this the happiest you’ve been with the band as a collective unit?

I moved onto a full female lineup. It’s the strongest we have ever been. Each member of TRP adds their own force of energy. We have become a real spectacle to watch.

Fans were helping to fund releases and band activities for The Red Paintings long before the days of Crowd Funding – seeing the likes of Pledge Music now does it make you feel that you helped to pioneer this aspect of funding a band?

I honestly don’t think about it. Right now all thoughts are on educational new stage shows and a new album. At that time I was stuck in a corner and it seemed like the only option to get out.

Lastly, what can everyone expect from The Red Paintings in 2016? Are there any plans for new music?

There are lots of exciting things being announced. Just have to follow us for the fun announcements.

The Red Paintings’ huge UK tour kicks off on the 5th of November in Stoke and travels across the country, finishing up in Southampton at Joiners on the 15th. Full details of the dates follow below:

The Red Paintings + Them & Us November 2015 UK Tour

5th – Underground – Stoke
6th – Sound Control – Manchester
7th – Audio – Glasgow
8th – Corporation – Sheffield
9th – Rainbow – Birmingham
11th – Craufurd Arms – Milton Keynes
12th – The Borderline – London
13th – The Factory – Barnstaple
14th – Exchange – Bristol
15th – Joiners – Southampton

Details of where to purchase tickets, local supports for each show and any other information can be found at The Red Paintings’ official website Stay tuned to Rock Sins for more from The Red Paintings, including a review of their tour next month.

The Red Paintings November 2015 UK Tour Poster

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