Metallica’s MetClub Fan Club Becomes Free To Join

Metallica performing live in 2013. Photo credit

For almost two decades, the MetClub was one of the most well known band fan clubs around, certainly in the world of rock and metal. Metallica’s hardcore fans would cough up their money, and in return be granted exclusive access to various things, including an exclusive members T-shirt, signed prints, the “So What?!” quarterly magazine and other goodies. Arguably the most prized “possessions” of MetClub members were exclusive pre-sales for tickets for Metallica shows, and also the option to apply for the band’s pre-show meet and greets. The cost of a membership was somewhere in the region of $40-60, so whilst not a massive sum of money, it wasn’t peanuts either.

So the news that today Metallica have opened up the doors of the MetClub, making it free to join and only asking people to sign up as they would to any other website has been met with a mixed reaction. Those who couldn’t previously afford to join are understandably pleased by this development, but it seems to have pissed off a good number of the existing members. The previously exclusive goods such as the MetClub exclusive T-Shirts are now available to buy when you’re logged into the MetClub website.

Let’s face it. This isn’t the first time Metallica have pissed off a portion of their fanbase and it won’t be the last. But greater inclusiveness is usually a good thing. In the meantime it’s a new place on the Internet to publicly piss on anything after the first five Metallica albums (because that’s the cool thing to do) and carry on the never ending wait for the next Metallica record. Join the madhouse, for free, at

(Editors note – as someone who was a paying member of the MetClub for 7 years from 2003 – 2010 but gave it up because I couldn’t afford it any longer, I definitely regard this as a good thing).

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