David Bowie Tops UK Album Chart With Blackstar, Has Ten Albums In The Top 40

David Bowie Blackstar Promo Photo

It is nothing less than an icon of his status deserves. Days after his passing, David Bowie has achieved something quite remarkable in the UK album charts. The fact that his new album, Blackstar, has headed straight to number one is something none of us should be surprised about – that was due to happen even before his death.

But what is remarkable is that 25% of the UK album chart top 40 is currently David Bowie albums. In addition to Blackstar being number one, there are 9 other Bowie albums in the top 40, and 19 of them in the top 100! Amongst those to re-enter the top 40 are two compilations – Nothing Has Changed and Best Of 1969/1974, as well as the likes of Hunky Dory, The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust, The Next Day and Low.

According to the knowledgeable folks at the BBC, 241,000 albums and 167,000 singles of David Bowie’s were purchased in the last week, while his songs were streamed almost 20 million times on the likes of Spotify. There are also an impressive 13 Bowie tracks in the top 100 of the singles chart, with Heroes being the highest entry at number 12. Quite a fitting tribute to a man who touched so many lives in so many different ways.


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