Years Young – Hiraeth EP

    Hiraeth Tracklisting 1. Miracles 2. Finding My Feet 3. The Sign 4. Paper Mountains 5. Electric 6. Sleeping Easy

    Overall Score: 8/10
    Solos: 9/10
    Singalongs: 8/10
    Atmosphere: 10/10
    Pros: Beautifully produced, punchy and evidently talented.
    Cons: Would've suited a full album instead of a brief EP.

    Home is where the heart is, no matter how many Years Young you may be.

    With a consistently beautiful melodic core swathed in electric reflection, it’s plain to see Lincolnshire alt-rock outfit Years Young are by no means an afterthought – this EP has evidently taken valuable time and dedication, and every note sings its own praises.

    Voluminous opener ‘Miracles’ sets the melodic scene, nursing an electric current amid a captivating reflection from vocalist Luke – “My life is built on miracles that never came to light.” ‘Finding My Feet’s steely determination is built with an electric live atmosphere in mind, showcasing drummer Ollie’s vivacious sticksmanship while a noodling solo packs a quirky punch.

    Meandering ‘The Sign’ hosts more of the same tricksy fretwork, before ‘Paper Mountains’ changes key toward a towering tale of solemnity, concealing its scars behind a swaying tempo. True to its name, ‘Electric’ brings an energetic dedication with contagious repeated vocals to herald an incredibly well thought-out hit. Like perfect poetry, closer ‘Sleeping Easy’ serenades with a heartbreaking ode to emotional trauma with as much daunting power as the EP cover.

    The hard work and tenacity poured into this EP makes it more of a mini album, a handful of beautifully crafted and phenomenally produced tracks that will no doubt stand Years Young in good stead for a strong future. Watch this space.

    Years Young’s Hiraeth EP is out now. The band can be followed on Twitter at @YearsYoungMusic.


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