Lost Society – Braindead

    Lost Society - Braindead Album Cover Artwork

    History has a way of repeating itself; and such is the case with Lost Society’s latest effort: ‘Braindead’. With almost any thrash band, classic or modern, there comes a stage where playing faster and harder just isn’t possible. Some bands manage this well: Slayer successfully introduced elements of down-tuned guitars and nu-metal on God Hates Us All’ while in recent memory, Evile handled the transition brilliantly by bringing in elements of NWOBHM and extreme metal after Infection Nations.

    Braindead doesn’t have the same sophistication and largely settles for boring, mid-paced hard rock. With song-writing that can only be described as flaccid and with the previously razor sharp technical complexities of their music boiled down to self-indulgent fret-wanking ‘Braindead’ is hugely disappointing. While still impressive – and there are some good guitar solos on Braindead, they simply don’t serve the songs as well. The main body of the song completely eschew the breakneck, fret-burning speed of previous albums. That there’s not even a memorable riff til the third song tells the entire story.

    There’s certainly some flashes of what Lost Society once were capable of: ‘Mad Torture’ and ‘Rage Me Up’ both have promising moments that are ultimately drowned in half-baked ideas. Self-indulgent eight minute song ‘Only (My) Death is Certain’ has some of the best ideas on the album in doomy ominous guitar riffs and a catchy gang vocal which are ultimately mishandled. However, as a whole ‘Braindead’ is disappointing and far from what Lost Society have proved themselves capable of in the last few years.

    Braindead is out now on Nuclear Blast Records.

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