Video Of The Week (16th March) – Starring Trivium, Amon Amarth, One Last Run, Against The Current & ADTR

Rock Sins Video Of The Week

Slightly later than usual this week – but very much worth the wait, it’s time for Rock Sins video of the week. After London pop rockers Small Pond Big Fish took home the winners medal last week we’ve got another huge array of talent to choose from courtesy of five very different bands & their respective videos.

First of all, Rock Sins’ old friends, Florida metallers Trivium continue their recent run of singles from Silence In The Snow with “Dead & Gone” and it’s slightly morbid video (which one might expect from the song title). Meanwhile Norwegian metal greats Amon Amarth find themselves caught in the middle of a battlefield in the video for “At Dawn’s First Light”. It’s not quite Mastodon’s appearance in Game Of Thrones, but it’s pretty cool!

There’s only one home grown band in the running this time around, but they’re more than capable of flying the flag for UK talent. One Last Run could easily be called the UK’s answer to Halestorm, but with more shredding into the bargain. Their brand new single & video for Unbreakable is the first look at their debut album and judging by this we can’t wait.

Back across the pond to the US and A Day To Remember’s brand new song Paranoia has got a lot of people excited, as has the video. Watch Jeremy and friends battle their demons (literally) while you headbang along to another catchy ADTR track. Last but not least, one of the US breakthrough bands of the last few months, Against The Current, go on a very important mission in their video for Running With The Wild Things.

Who will win? As always, over to you, the readers to decide!

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Trivium – Dead & Gone

Amon Amarth – At Dawn’s First Light

One Last Run – Unbreakable

A Day To Remember – Paranoia

Against The Current – Running With The Wild Things

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