Interview with Ashley Costello of New Year’s Day: “We’ve Been Told: “We’re Not Going To Sign You, We’ve Got a Female Fronted Band!”


Earlier this year, Rock Sins reporter Will Stevenson sat down with the frontwoman of US “Haunted Mansion-Core” band, New Year’s Day, Ashley Costello, for a quick fire chat about various subjects including touring, the UK and Netflix! Over to you Will!

Rock Sins: New Year’s Day’s latest album Malevolence came out last October. is it performing as well as you’d hoped?
Ashley Costello: I love this question because obviously yeah, we hate it, worst album ever. No honestly I’m really happy with it.

RS: What are your favourite songs to play live from it?
AC: Only one is currently in the set list! haha! (ed’s note – that would be Malevolence itself).

RS: Do you get much spare time on tour and how do you spend it?
AC: Sleeping really. Catching up on sleep.

RS: What are the biggest differences compared to touring American towns?
AC: English breakfast. We love a good fry up.

RS: How does it feel to be female in a mostly male dominated scene? Do you feel any discrimination has been made against the band due to this?
AC: It’s there; like we’ve been told by labels ‘Oh nah we’re not going to sign you because we already have a female fronted band.’ But really, it’s not there as much as you’d expect.

RS: It feels like every female fronted band in the scene gets compared to Paramore, do you fee that’s a lazy comparison?
AC: It’s not really there any more we’ve sort of carved our own path. Maybe on the early days but not any more.

RS: How did you get your name? Did you form on NYD?
AC: No, haha, we didn’t form on NYD. It sort of came out of the end of relationships, New Year’s Day – like a new beginning type thing.

RS: What have you been listening to recently?
AC: Drake, lots of Drake. Some Justin Timberlake, actually!

RS: How are Escape the Fate to tour with?
AC: Yeah they’re lovely dudes we’ve toured loads of places with them. America, London. They’re some of our best friends.

RS: Finally, do you guys have Netflix? What is your favourite show at the moment?
AC: I’ve just finished True Blood. Great show! Binged from series one till the end.

RS: Thank you for your time!
AC: Thank you.

New Year’s Day will next be in the UK at the end of May to headline the Kerrang! Fresh Blood stage at the Slam Dunk Festival triple header. You can follow them on Twitter at @NYDRock. A review of New Year’s Day’s gig with Escape The Fate in Manchester can be found here.


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